Millie Cooper, Global Branding & Social Media Specialist, Media Partener for They Have Succeeded London


UK opens the doors to female entrepreneurship and romanian women entrepreneurs!



Because of the succes with over 1300 romanian female entrepreneur, the conference ”They Have Succeeded” will cross the country borders, second time this autumn, after Lisbon,  to promote female entrereneurship in London. This international event is organised by ELITE Business Women together with the Romanian Embassy in London,  Romanian Cultural Insitute in London ,  Enterprise Lab UK, Garajul de PR,  Richtopia, Millie Cooper, and will take place on the 22 of October 2016.

 We are thrilled to announce our media partnership with Millie Cooper, Global Branding & Social Media Specialist

Meet Millie Cooper

Hello I’m Millie Cooper. Thanks for dropping by.


I have helped many small and start up businesses with branding, web design and social media guidance. My goals are to help your business build up a global presence where you stand out from the rest and connect with more successful people worldwide.


This is my story so far…


My background is in Digital event marketing, Beauty & fashion blogging,  Social media management, Web design. I am also a Magazine editor of MilliOnAir, a global abstract Artist and a Digital creative artist.


I was always one of those people who was trying new things and always looking for new opportunities, not because I had itchy feet, but because I always wanted to better myself. I even trained to become a plumber and started my own plumbing business! But that’s another story. Ask me to tell you sometime.


I have always aimed to be very successful and to be financially independent, I wanted to be able to live and work anywhere in the World, which is exactly what I do. I’m currently in London, which I love.


In the last couple of years, I have successfully sold my art worldwide, I have also been asked to donate my art to Help for Heroes, Mending Kids & Make a Wish Foundation.


I am also a business and personal branding mentor. I co-founded The Branding Initiative with Chris Windley, Kelly Ann Schiavo and Melanie Jones. We have a program that we call Brand, Presence and Monetisation. Through BPM, I help individuals and small businesses to establish a clear brand, build an online and offline presence and  grow and succeed, both face to face and online.


Please do get in touch with me. Let’s connect.