Life, the universe, God, you choose, for me it is all the same, prepares us always for what is coming. This is what I believe and so I am certain that we are prepared for what is coming. Sometimes we need a push and at the moment we are considerably pushed. In living disconnected, we feel the need for connection and we cherish where we have it. Due to the lack of physical connection, we can exercise mental, energetic and spiritual connection. This will prepare us well for the times to come. When we are connected we let go of differences and we let go of fights.Monika Puiu

The new world for me is being connected with our planet and with all its creation. If we see the planet as our home, we start caring for it as such, everywhere. This perception, this learning process goes very well with my business. My aim is to assist people to overcome difficulties by coaching them or through therapy, so that they realize what is important in their life, on their path. I need exactly that kind of spiritual, energetic and mental connection that our times are pushing for. All my life prepared me for this. All I do is staying focused and bring the best possible version of my client to the surface.

To stay true to me and what I am standing for, I demand from myself honesty versus small talk, walking the talk, understanding my own issues and working with them in therapy or ceremony. Remaining open for learning from nature and from people, young and old, men or women, any nationality, colour or religion. I love my life!

Monika Puiu is Founder and Therapist at Wayra Astrae.


This article first appeared in the Elite Business Women magazine. 

Read the full magazine here.


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